Xfinity WiFi by Comcast
Improving Customer On-Boarding Through User Experience Research
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Comcast is a global telecommunications company, offering cable television, Internet, telephone, mobile, and home security services to more than 29 million customers. Its Xfinity WiFi service provides fast, convenient, nationwide WiFi access for qualified subscribers of Xfinity Mobile or Internet services.

WiFi-seekers who are not yet Xfinity customers can purchase hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly Xfinity WiFi On Demand access passes, or take advantage of a free trial pass each month. With cutting-edge technology and millions of hotspots nationwide, Xfinity WiFi aims to deliver the highest level of service and the best possible customer experience for their users every day.


While the Xfinity WiFi service had enjoyed steady organic growth, Comcast saw an opportunity to better communicate to Comcast customers that this service was available and already included as part of their current subscription.

Additionally, they wanted to better communicate to non-customers the value of the service and encourage them to register for free or paid access passes.

In order to achieve this, the Comcast team needed to research its WiFi customers, tailor the onboarding portals and user flows to its customers’ unique goals, and develop new messaging to appeal to their needs and challenges.


To start, Comcast and eCity Interactive partnered to conduct in-depth persona research involving an online survey and multiple interviews with customers who had purchased WiFi On Demand passes previously. From this research, eCity developed four user personas to guide future messaging and design efforts.

Sample survey results

With personas in place, we then set our sights on improving the customer acquisition process through updated messaging, UX/UI design, and front-end development.

eCity started by testing the current digital experience with 60 user testing sessions and 200 first-click tests to identify any barriers to conversion and learn more about users’ ability to complete key tasks, find the information they need, and understand the service. In addition to these findings, eCity further conducted competitive analyses taking note of trends and best practices regarding messaging, page design, and user flows.

First click test results sample

First-click test results for our proposed design when users were asked, “Where would you click to learn more about Xfinity WiFi services?”

With insight into users’ mindsets and goals, eCity designed updated pages and verified those decisions with 60 additional usability tests to gain helpful feedback. Once the design templates were complete, eCity expanded the designs to include multiple iterations for various partnerships and user states, ultimately delivering Comcast front-end HTML files for their development team to implement.


The new Xfinity WiFi login portals provide users with improved user experiences that align better with their product and brand goals. eCity delivered copy and designs for four different types of portals as well as user flows, landing pages, and multiple other screens. With design decisions deeply rooted in user behavior, the new Xfinity WiFi portals are now tailored to their desired audiences.