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The Client

Thrive is a software company that develops cutting-edge applications to help recruiters, search firms, and VC/PE firms make better hiring decisions. Thrive’s innovative Talent Relationship Management (TRM) platform provides an upgraded user experience that is automated, collaborative, and allows team builders to easily connect candidates with search teams and other stakeholders. As a tech startup, Thrive needed a way to increase brand awareness, communicate the value of its TRM software, and generate traffic to its newly designed website.

“At Thrive, we knew that generating leads organically through content was the direction marketing was moving towards. We also knew that as a startup, we didn’t have the resources to execute an inbound marketing strategy in-house. By partnering with eCity, we were able to scale our marketing without having to sacrifice our ability to focus on our product.”

Reed Flesher
President and Head of Product

Growing Organically

Preparing to bring a product to market that would change the way search firms and other agencies managed talent, Thrive needed a way to get their product in front of more potential users. After deciding against a high-cost, low-return pay-per-click strategy, Thrive chose to pursue a more organic marketing approach focused on pulling customers in through content instead of pushing their message out. As a HubSpot partner agency, eCity joined forces with Thrive to develop and execute an inbound marketing strategy designed to increase web traffic, educate Thrive’s audience on a different kind of talent relationship management software, and convert them into leads via forms, newsletters, and landing pages.

Strategic Assessments

eCity kicked off the project with a thorough round of research and planning that involved creating detailed buyer personas, identifying the stages of the buyer journey, crafting a consistent messaging plan, and conducting a content audit. With a better understanding of who Thrive’s target audience is and how to best reach them, we created educational blog posts, white papers, and podcasts that showcased Thrive’s expertise and addressed customers’ and potential customers’ most pressing pain points. We then used HubSpot’s marketing automation tools to promote these resources on social media and through email, with targeted calls-to-action designed to convert traffic into leads.

The Result

Partnering with eCity has allowed Thrive to build up its digital presence without sacrificing time spent perfecting the product. By publishing the right content, to the right audience, at the right time, Thrive’s website has gone from generating roughly 300 visits per month to over 4,500 a month — an increase of 1400% in only two years. Since implementing our content strategy with targeted publishing on its blog, Thrive’s website has experienced a 165X increase in organic search traffic, growing from 20 organic visits per month to more than 3,300.

Perhaps most importantly, Thrive is now generating a steady stream of leads via premium content offers and a demo request landing page. This has given Thrive’s sales team ammunition to track and nurture these leads using Hubspot’s CRM functionality. Moving forward, we will continue evolving Thrive’s inbound marketing strategy to better serve customers and contribute to company growth.