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On-site Event Registration Management

The Client

GO! Experience Design is an ad agency that enables Fortune 500 companies to bring their messages to life through the creation of unique experiences that range from live events to digital activations. eCity partnered with GO! to promote a major Porsche milestone.

The Challenge

With the building and launch of its new flagship building in Atlanta, Georgia, Porsche planned a grand opening to showcase its new US home. The event was very exclusive, including an official opening ceremony with prominent businessmen and celebrities in attendance.

eCity was enlisted to build a secure event website that could support the needs of the event while communicating the high-end, sophisticated feel that would be in line with the Porsche brand.

The Process

After extensive interviews and discussions with the client, we recommended a solution that would meet the informational and operational needs of running the event, as well as suggested some additional functionality that would add some “flash and sizzle” that guests would expect from a Porsche-related website.

The Result

The site set the tone of the evening and generated excitement with the attendees prior to their arrival. The site also allowed invitees a place to RSVP and receive a ticket. Additionally, the back-end was used onsite at the event to provide seamless confirmation and registration of guests upon their arrival.