Maria Capalbo
Sr. Operations Lead/Sr. Project Manager Lead

Sprinkle 1 cup of a day-time Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), 2 teaspoons of a night-time Gamer. Stir. Add in a foundation of Central Jersey (yes, it exists). Blend in a 1/2 cup of Philly. Bake. Pairs wonderfully with pizza, stir-fry, and a good fruit smoothie.

Tim Castagna
Developer Operations Manager

Tim is a web developer with over 10 years experience with .NET and PHP systems. When not making the best websites you’ve ever seen, Tim can be found….on the computer, like always.

Matthew Edwards
Art Director

Typography-obsessed, former-print designer (and former Marylander) now living that UI life. Fancier of grid systems, whitespace, Taylor Swift, and a very dry martini.

Sez Giulian
Director of Technology

A Philly chick who has since become a Belgian resident, Sez spends her days off chilling with her dogs, birds, chickens and donkeys while unsuccessfully avoiding Belgian beer and chocolate. She’s a coder, designer, traveller, musician, marginal Dutch speaker and renaissance gal.

Tom Kegelman
Managing Director, Higher Education Strategy

Don’t let the tie fool you — Tom’s not all business. He brings his marketing background, sense of humor, and an assortment of hot sauce to eCity.

Syreeta Lockett
Sr. Project Manager Lead

Philly native & fashion-enthusiast. When she’s not running projects, she’s running behind her toddler.

Mouhamed Ly
Senior Paid Media Specialist

Mouhamed is an E-commerce enthusiast and a staunch Miami Heat fan. When he’s not testing new paid media strategies, he’s involved in basketball, travel, crypto, and boxing.

Heather Magenta
Senior Designer

Creator of visually stunning digital products. Considers herself that weird kid in elementary school who was slightly obsessed with dinosaurs (and still is). She enjoys snowboarding, trail hiking, and fishing when not tending to her excessively needy and attention deprived cat.

Paula Mestre
Senior Director of UX

Same User Interface for different audiences: more than 15 years experience UX professional, mum of boys (or dragons depending on the day), constant traveller with current residence in Valencia (Spain), karaoke song destroyer and wikipedia of useless fun facts.

Louis Miller
Client Services, Partner

After a stint in the music industry, Louis now spends his days crafting digital stories, eating tacos, and running around his South Philly home.

Brooke Norris
Director of Enrollment Services

Higher ed enrollment specialist and former first grade teacher with over 10 years of experience in the education space. Still buys stickers and most of the time can be found making a recipe from Instagram.

Trevor Norton
Senior Paid Media Manager

Former basketball player turned paid media enthusiast. Trevor’s a huge fan of keeping up with the changing landscape of digital marketing, all things $Bitcoin & finance, podcasts and Philly Sports.

Kenneth Oum
Sr. Developer I

Ken is a front-end developer and virtual reality madman. He is on an unrelenting quest to create the most immersive virtual reality experience ever by any gizmo necessary.

Kevin Renton

Former ice hockey player, pilot and Cobol developer, budding inbound marketer, Pythonista and faithful Arsenal supporter!

Will Rieth
Vice President of Enrollment

A Philly transplant who can’t seem to decide if he wants a beard or not. When he’s not working with institutions on their enrollment strategies, he can be found hanging out with his family in the western suburbs of Philadelphia.

Steven Rivera
Vice President of Agency Operations

Brand storyteller through and through. Allegedly wise to the ways of PR, Social, and Digital. Abolisher of inefficiency and mediocrity. Vices include: donuts, wings, and fine bourbon. Product of Philadelphia.

Mark Rodenhauser
Sr. Account Manager

Mark is an avid sports fan through-and-through. When he’s out of the office, he’s exploring Philadelphia for the best cheesesteak – wit of course.

Paolo Santamaria
Sr. Business Development Manager

From DC to Boston to Houston, where will Paolo end up next? In addition to tackling higher ed and enrollment challenges, he takes his love of all things coffee and Liverpool FC wheresoever he goes.

Madeleine Schneider
Sr. Account Manager

Florida native who traded sunshine for snow. Lover of a good crossword puzzle, outdoor adventures, fresh ingredients and copious houseplants.

Dan Schwartz

Dan “always in pursuit of excellence” Schwartz splits duties between eCity and its sister company, CCF&V, overseeing finance and sitting on the leadership committees for both companies. “Off the field,” Dan is a family man/volunteer/community “theater” activist.

Aaron Stern
Director of Content

Former journalist, avid storyteller, and compulsive maker of homemade pickles and ice cream.

Becca Zinn
Executive Director, Client Services

Becca catalyzes resources to transform big ideas into sustainable realities. She can move between big vision, strategy, and execution to help teams accomplish more than they imagined possible. Her expertise centers on crafting digital strategies that build awareness, gain traction, and acquire supporters, and using data & analytics to measure impact.

Jori Bonadurer
Project Manager

Originally from the Windy City, Jori now calls Rome home sweet home. Jori is a true lover of ancient art, cooking, and running, and she brings her diverse interests and expertise to the table to keep our projects running smoothly.

Ashley Chapman
Content Producer

A creative producer of all things content from copywriting to social media strategy. A native of Northern Michigan, with a stop in NYC, she currently lives in Nashville with an assortment of animals and fronts her own band.

Katie Morton
Client Services, Executive Director

Katie brings a passion for organization paired with moments of delight to her team. You can blame the natural curiosity for problem solving, or maybe just too much coffee. When not behind the keyboard being supervised by her cat, Guinness, you can find her traveling with friends, reading a book, securing her favorite aunt status, or working her way to #27dresses glory.

Ashley Glorioso
Paid Media Manager

Passionate about everything digital marketing, Ashley also loves to travel, listen to music, being outside, and enjoying good food. A graduate from the University of Tennessee Knoxville, she resides in Denver, CO, after stops in Dallas and Nashville.

Jess Stewart
Sr. Project Manager

A proud dog mom to an antisocial St. Bernard named Arlie, Jess also loves exploring local trails with her partner, perusing her record collection, and getting way too invested in the worst reality TV. She’s a fearless DIYer and applies that sensibility to her job daily.

Nicole Reed
Managing Editor, Volt

This is Nicole, senior editor of Volt. She is a mysterious figure who wields the power to shape entire worlds. Her sharp eye allows her to spot even the smallest detail out of place and to guide Volt’s writers through the dangerous paths of AP style. Nicole is a master of the arcane arts and ancient languages, but she holds a dark and insidious desire to abolish the Oxford comma.

Rachael Snodgrass
Admissions Associate Director

Rachael was raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, graduated from Bloomsburg University and studied psychology & American Sign Language. She has experience working in graduate admissions within STEM programs, and just recently obtained a Master of Science in Leadership. Outside of work, she’s one of those people who runs for fun. She also loves concerts, is an iced coffee addict, spends summers in Stone Harbor, NJ, and spoils her two cats, Ginger and Sebastian.

Emily Meekins
HR Business Partner

Wrangler of all the people things – and surrounding ops, process, comms, systems, change, you name it. Emily sits at the intersection of the people and the business, getting both to play nice. She’s a strategist first, people/talent leader second, and bird lover third.

Dan Shepelavy
Creative Services, Exec Creative Director

As a commercial and fine artist, independent researcher and writer, and advertising executive, Dan has done it all, and is still going. He started in the pre-internet music industry, when it actually existed then started his own advertising agency. Dan is still an artist, painting and drawing regularly, dabbles in photography and creative writing, and is the editor/publisher of LYDIA TOMKIW POEMS. He now lives in South Philly and brings his talents and energy to eCity.

Kate McConnell
Higher Education Strategist

Kate brings her expertise to our higher ed business development and strategy team. She is passionate about helping others reach their educational goals and fulfill their dreams with 20 years of experience in graduate and adult continuing education. Outside of work, she spends time volunteering with several social services agencies supporting the youth of Philadelphia and its suburbs.