Our Story

Every digital challenge has a solution. We’ll help you find yours.

eCity Interactive is an award-winning digital agency using proven digital methods to impact the things that matter most to you. Founded in 1999, we believe that building strong relationships between our clients and their audience leads to enduring success.

Our talented group of problem-solvers has the technical chops to make ideas happen and look at things from every perspective. We love coming to work every day to collaborate with our clients and work to achieve their desired results, so let’s talk about your next project!

What’s it like to work with eCity? Watch the video below to find out:

Our Values

More than a vision statement, these values represent the guiding principles of who we are and how we behave. It’s how we choose who to hire and judge ourselves, and is incorporated into our DNA:

Think Big & Be Humble:
To do big things, we have to take big swings. Sometimes we’ll miss, but we come prepared, recognize it early, and stay hungry.

We Obsess Over Results:
The best way to help is by driving toward the long-term goals of our clients and our company, pinpointing the tactics and metrics that will get us there.

We Push for Excellence – Always and All Ways:
With equal parts creativity and grit, we tackle challenges big and small to grow and improve personally and professionally.

It’s Not a Job – it’s a Lifestyle:
We do what we do because of a passion and a desire to make a difference; that doesn’t stop when we leave the office.

We Have Each Other’s Back:
We value and respect our coworkers’ time, talents, and contributions. We give of ourselves generously and collaborate with a sense of urgency.

We’re Good “Chums”:
We come to work with optimism, an assumption of goodwill, and an eagerness to contribute to a culture of fun and excellence.