Our Process

Because a successful project means more than just ending up with a pretty website or winning an award (although, we have those too), we have honed our website redesign process into a precise method crafted around getting the results that will positively impact your business.

Our typical project involves plenty of research, conversations, learning, more research, challenges, disproving assumptions, frustration, more conversations, breakthroughs, feedback, conceptualizing, and (eventually) high-fives.

Where will your project take us? While all projects are not alike – timing, budgets, and requirements vary – we approach all projects with the same research-based approach and attention to your business goals. This process is led by a seasoned project manager who will be your “go to” person and serve as your voice within eCity.

Would you like to talk through how we’d apply this to your project? Get in touch and let’s start a conversation.