Why Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality opens up a whole new world of possibilities for informing and engaging your audience. Unique storytelling experiences that truly engross the viewer and allow them to influence the path that story takes are made possible. Take your viewers on journeys to places that they have never been before like inside the body or the bottom of the ocean. VR creates a lasting, impactful, memory that viewers will easily be able to draw back on. Not because they were told or saw the information, but because they experienced it.

How It Works

Virtual Reality works by filling the viewer’s vision with the world you want them to see. Traditional video mediums like TV sets, computer monitors, and even movie theatres don’t come close to fully enveloping you in what you are watching. Even with the addition of 3D technology. You are still keenly aware of the seats next to you, the edges of the screen, and the other people seated near you.

The goal of VR is for the users to feel “Presence” inside of the scene that they are viewing. This is achieved through the use of specialized lightweight headsets that allow users to completely focus on the presentation. There are a quickly growing number of them available and we specialize in a wide variety of them. From the Oculus Rift, which uses a powerful computer to enable enhanced visuals and provide complex forms of input like hand and motion tracking, to Google’s Cardboard which costs less than $20 and works with almost any Android or iPhone handset, and everything in between. There are options and solutions to fit a wide variety of presentations styles.


What We Offer

We here at eCity Interactive and Variant VR offer end-to-end solutions for VR content production. Our team has a rich history of building engaging content for both the big screen and the web.

  • An in-house graphics department capable of delivering high quality 3D animation
  • A programming team with years of experience developing interactive experiences for the web, mobile and gaming spaces
  • The production team has been telling engrossing stories and capturing the minds of its viewers in everything from award-winning children’s programming to hard hitting documentaries

So please, contact us today to find out how we can make your virtual ideas a reality!