User Research & Digital Strategy

Custom-built solutions that drive results and delight users

Why Start With User Research & Strategy?

Website designs are only as good as the results they create. That’s why we start each project by focusing on your website objectives, defining who your users are, uncovering their needs, and observing their behaviors. With this approach, we tailor your site’s organization and designs to meet the exact needs of the people you want on your website.

When you get the initial research and strategy right, it makes everything going forward much easier, from attracting users to your site, to converting them into customers, and ultimately empowering them to become your biggest fans.

What Is Our Process?

The process is customized for every project, but the goal of our research tactics is always to build a strategy that bridges business goals with your users’ goals.

Stakeholder Interviews

We help the entire project team see how the website fits into their business, identify each group’s needs, and communicate how they fit into the website process.

Goal Prioritization

Different departments may have different (or even competing) goals; we help all stakeholders understand their role within the bigger picture and prioritize their requests.

Card Sorting

With your users’ participation, we can get instant input or feedback on your site’s information architecture. This helps us understand users’ expectations and priorities, which improves the entire site.

Contextual Interviews

We’ll watch users navigate through your website to gain qualitative and observational information to help define key user goals, navigational paths, and issues.

Focus Groups

Learn about your users’ attitudes and desires while getting valuable feedback to initial concepts.

Expert Review

We will conduct a qualitative review of your website design, content, code, and analytics to compare it against usability best practices and make recommendations that could improve usability, accessibility, and SEO.

User Personas

Creating a realistic representation of your key audience segments brings website requirements to life and keeps your users at the forefront of all decisions.


We can quickly create simple interactive product drafts that help explore ideas and get user feedback before investing into a full website redesign.


Collect feedback and other information from a broad group of users to learn who your users are, their goals, and what information would be most helpful.

Usability Testing

Testing an existing website or a new concept with representative users can help identify usability problems while collecting user feedback.

Content Strategy

A true content strategy considers not just web copy, but also the planning, creation, delivery, and governance of everything that appears on a website. We’ll ensure your site content is not only meaningful to your users, but it is also well structured and easily found.

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