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Stay Tuned: How the eCity Blog Is Evolving

Moving forward, eCity's blog will be a place digital innovators of all stripes can come to learn more about the work we do and how we do it.

In case you haven’t heard: we’re blowing up the eCity blog. Don’t panic, we’re not abandoning you.

As a content-focused digital agency, writing is in our blood. Sharing meaningful stories is what we do, and we still have plenty of stories to share that can’t be captured in a tweet or an email blast. By moving our higher education-focused content over to Volt, we’re creating space for stories that give you a glimpse behind the curtain and more accurately reflect the entirety of who we are as an agency.

But what does that mean for you, our loyal readers? Stick around to see what’s changing.

Expect radical transparency, superior storytelling, and a more dynamic representation of data.

Higher Education Doesn’t Define Us

Higher education marketing may be one of our areas of expertise, but it’s not all that we do. Up until now, our primary focus on the eCity blog has been sharing our wealth of knowledge about one particular industry that we’re passionate about. In doing so, we limited our capacity to share what we’ve learned by building successful websites and marketing campaigns for a number of other industries, including healthcare, finance, real estate, e-commerce, SaaS, and more.

Moving forward, we’ll serve a wider audience with our blog. It’ll be a place digital innovators of all stripes can come to learn more about the work we do and how we do it. After nearly 20 years in this business, we’ve been around the block — and yet we continue to learn something new each day. We believe there’s value in sharing that insight.

What kind of topics does this translate to? Our blog will be a mix of industry insights from our leadership team, deep-dives into our projects and processes, and anecdotes about life at eCity. Our goal is to showcase not only the work we do but the people who make it possible and the larger community we’re a part of.

A More Personal Approach to Blogging

In the past, eCity’s blog was strategized, written, edited, and published primarily by the marketing team. Going forward, we’ll be sharing input from all departments, including marketing, sales, development, design, UX, and project management. This will lend itself to articles that are based on each of our own experiences and written from a more personal point of view. Think less generic best practices and more of what really works. We want our blog to feel like an extension of us: entrepreneurial, empathetic, and passionate.

It sounds cliche, but people truly are our agency’s greatest asset. We’re a small team here at eCity, which means each person has a bigger impact on the company as a whole. That’s why we hire people who are not only talented at what they do but committed to moving our organization forward. As a result, our team is made up of innovative individuals who have something unique to say about their area of expertise. We want to make sure these voices are heard.

Quality Over Quantity

Don’t get it twisted: we’ve always prized quality on the eCity blog. But with a new higher education magazine launching and an ever-expanding roster of clients, we simply don’t have the same amount of resources available to dedicate to our own blog. Rather than keep up the same publishing pace and sacrifice the quality of our articles, we’ve committed to cutting back on the number of articles we publish each month and concentrating our efforts on the value each article provides.

Our articles may show up less often in your feed or inbox, but when they do, they’ll be the very best of what we have to offer. Expect radical transparency, superior storytelling, and a more dynamic representation of data.

Come back soon to read our take on what’s next in digital marketing, the design trends we’re excited about, and how to build a website that connects with people and inspires them to take action. Better yet, subscribe to the blog if you’d like to get to know us better and stay in the loop about company milestones and events. And don’t be shy. Tweet us anytime with feedback, suggestions, or just to say hello.