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Introducing eCity’s New Director of UX Strategy: Lynne Martin

Lynne Martin joined the eCity team as Director of UX Strategy in November, and she is already pushing us to invest even more in user research.

Lynne Martin, Director of UX Strategy at eCity Interactive
Lynne Martin, Director of UX Strategy at eCity Interactive

Lynne Martin joined our team as Director of UX Strategy in November bringing her UX expertise, great sense of humor, contagious cheer, and get-stuff-done attitude to each and every one of her projects. From her very first day, Lynne has fully immersed herself in our clients’ worlds, digging into who their users are and understanding their needs. And in her very short time here, she is already helping eCity achieve our goal of making users’ voices even more central to our processes. When not UX-ing, Lynne enjoys traveling. What’s next on her bucket list? France!

We caught up with Lynne at Marathon to get to know her better and to learn more about what brought her to eCity. Welcome aboard, Lynne!

What is your daily routine at eCity?

First thing, coffee. Next, I check my email and calendar and build a loose plan for the day. I also try and spend a bit of time each morning glancing at UX blogs and articles that are relevant to my current work. Then, it’s a mixture of strategy, planning, research, and UX design.

If you had a week off, you’d spend it…

Reconnecting with old friends. Life gets hectic and it can be difficult to maintain relationships over the years. I make an effort to catch up at least once a year with friends who I don’t see on a regular basis.

Describe your resume at a glance.

UX pro with over 15 years of experience leading UX for both large and small software companies.

Give me a pearl of wisdom related to what you do.

UX is a practice that is broadly applicable. It’s beneficial to have at least as much curiosity about your colleagues’ motivations, goals, and pain points as you do for your research subjects.

Why did you want to join eCity?

I come from an enterprise software background and although it’s been rewarding to focus on a single product over its lifecycle, these days I’m more interested in applying my skills to a broader range of design challenges. eCity will allow me to positively impact more users and address a wider variety of user experience issues.

Who or what do you draw inspiration from?

I’ve been lucky to work with and for many smart and talented people. It’s surprising how often they come to mind in the course of the average workweek and how regularly they continue to inspire me.

What has been the highlight of your time here thus far?

Learning that my Seinfeld references will be understood and appreciated by my new colleagues. Giddyup.

The best restaurant in Philadelphia is…

Giorgio On Pine. Italian BYOB.
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