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Introducing eCity’s New Designer: Rachael Ketterer

Get to know Rachael Ketterer, eCity's new Junior Interactive Designer.

Rachael Ketterer eCity Interactive
Rachael Ketterer eCity Interactive

Fresh off a year freelancing for clients of her own, Rachael Ketterer joined eCity’s Design team in mid-January. Bringing with her a love of thoughtful, minimalist design and a deadline-driven attitude, Rachael fit right in here (once we got used to spelling her name, that is). We recently found time amidst her busy schedule to learn more about what led her to eCity. Welcome aboard, Rachael!

What is your daily routine at eCity?

Each day when I get in, I check my email and the project management to-do lists first. I design for eCity’s clients and our own inbound marketing efforts, so I prioritize based on deadline and who the content is for (clients always come first). Since the projects range from web banners to email campaigns to eBooks, I tend to transition between programs and projects often and make a lot of edits as I go. On warmer days, I plan to take more lunch breaks at Rittenhouse Square and then finish up the day energized by the sunlight.

Describe your resume at a glance.

I graduated from Temple University, where I studied Advertising with a concentration in Art Direction. After that, I interned at NPR in Washington, D.C. with National Public Media, which is the internal agency for sponsorship placements in NPR’s podcasts and radio programs, on their website, and more. At NPR, I became more interested in interactive design. I then did a lot of freelance work while pinpointing the type of work I wanted to do, and thankfully stumbled upon a new role at eCity!

I’ve felt really welcomed here and that’s all I could ask for! eCity doesn’t let you feel like “the new person” for very long.

If you had a week off, you’d spend it…

Traveling somewhere I’ve never been before. I think I would check out Iceland. If staying in the U.S., I’d head to the Pacific Northwest or Austin, Texas.

Give me a pearl of wisdom related to what you do.

Ask for clarification on anything you’re unsure of so you don’t waste time redoing things later. I suppose this could apply to any role, but it’s a good thing to remember.

Why did you want to join eCity?

I connected with eCity’s values. Now that I’m part of the team, I’ve experienced that my coworkers do live by them and are an extremely talented and hardworking group of people. I also liked that many of eCity’s clients are in the nonprofit and higher education sectors.

What has been the highlight of your time here thus far?

I’ve felt really welcomed here and that’s all I could ask for! eCity doesn’t let you feel like “the new person” for very long.

Who or what do you draw inspiration from?

I follow a few hundred designers, illustrators, and fiber artists on Instagram, so I’m always inspired by what they’re creating. I really like Spencer Charles and Kelly Thorn (@charlesandthorn), Dan Cassaro (@dancassaro), and The Heads of State (@theheadsofstate), to name a few. It’s not just their work, but their work ethic.

The best restaurant in Philadelphia is…

There’s a lot of amazing food in Philly, but Honey’s Sit ’N Eat has the best breakfast special in town, cool antiques as decor, and a comfy atmosphere that feels like home.
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