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Stop Thinking of Your Blog as a Blog

It’s time to abandon a 30-year-old approach and embrace purposeful storytelling.

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What ChatGPT Means for Content Marketing

By now, you’ve almost certainly heard about ChatGPT, the recently released artificial intelligence chatbot from OpenAI that functions like a cross between an encyclopedic second brain and instantaneous writer. If you somehow have not heard of ChatGPT, then by all means, please meet this potentially revolutionary technology that, depending on whom you listen to, has…

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Our Bests of 2020

One of the things you probably miss most about going to your office every day is having casual conversations – work-related and non-work related – with your coworkers. You know, the kind of thing that just comes up naturally when you’re sitting around with other people (we’re pretty sure that’s how it used to happen).…

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What Gritty knows about marketing, and other insights from CUPRAP 2020

Executing big ideas takes research, collaboration and, sometimes, thick skin.

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