Monthly Archives: December 2016


What Is a Website Wireframe, and Why Do We Create Them?

The beginning of any website design process can be tough for a client. In the strategy phase of the design process, integral steps of the process, like stakeholder and user interviews and creating user personas, generally don’t offer the client a deliverable that excites them and gets them feeling like their website is beginning to…

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What Are Sitemaps, and Why Do We Create Them?

Whether you’re working with an agency to build a new website from the ground up or undergoing a website redesign, creating a sitemap is an important step in designing a site that is functional and meets user expectations. A sitemap is generally the first deliverable in the information architecture (IA) phase. In a typical website…

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Confab Higher Ed 2016 Key Takeaways

This year, the cake-obsessed, content-centric conference known as Confab Higher Ed came to Philadelphia. At eCity, we knew we couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend this incredible two-day event, especially with it being held on our home turf. We had high expectations for Confab Higher Ed, and now that we’ve had the chance to reflect…

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