Monthly Archives: July 2016

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality: What’s the Difference?

Augmented reality vs. virtual reality: how many kinds of reality are there, anyway? With the popularity of games, apps, and tours that incorporate digital media in the real world, you may be wondering how your campus can incorporate these new technologies to attract and educate new students. The reality is that these features can add…

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How Do Business School Rankings Impact Admissions?

Every year, your business school achieves a ranking online and in published reports across the US. These rankings may differ between different lists, but they have one thing in common: business school rankings influence the way people think about your school. How are rankings and enrollment connected? Different Rankings, Different Metrics Every list of rankings…

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What Makes a Good Virtual Reality Tour?

Virtual reality: it’s not an element in a futuristic movie, it’s here now, and it’s a powerful way to introduce prospective students to your university. Colleges and universities are developing immersive virtual reality tours to engage with students and leave a lasting impression. When you’re inviting future students into your campus from afar, what do…

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4 Things to Consider About Implementing Snapchat in Your School’s Social Media Lineup

Everybody knows Facebook and Twitter. Even Instagram became a household name in seemingly no time at all. Most schools incorporate these media platforms into their daily social media routine. They’re even beginning to include the new kid on the block, Snapchat. Students are using it, and so are schools. Snapchat is attractive because it’s raw,…

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Want to Achieve Success with Your Social Media Fundraising? Think Outside the Box

Facebook and Twitter, oh my! As you push your way through the rapidly growing digital world, you’ll see that there’s a lot more to the social media fundraising jungle than Facebook and Twitter. While these two sites are valuable platforms that should be used, it’s important to cultivate diverse social media platforms to see which…

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