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Boosting International Student Recruitment with Effective Web Design

If your university is like many schools throughout the United States, you’re actively engaging in international student recruitment. You’re thrilled to enroll students from your own city, state, and country, but you’re also interested in boosting diversity and bringing in students from other cultures. But how do you increase international student enrollment? Create Video Testimonials…

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Donor Stewardship: How to Digitally Engage Your Donors

Universities don’t solicit donations the same way anymore. If you’re still sending lengthy letters or calling prospects on the phone, you might as well exchange your computer for a typewriter and make the aforementioned calls on your rotary phone. Today’s alumni expect more than that. In our recent digital engagement and stewardship webinar, we discussed…

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Medical Education in Virtual Reality

The teams here at eCity Interactive and our sister company Center City Film and Video are excited to announce the launch of our latest virtual reality project! It consists of a set of experiences meant to educate doctors about the causes and treatments of Psoriasis in a much more engaging way. The pieces were shown during a presentation at the Interdisciplinary Autoimmune…

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3 Tips for Adding Automation to Your Marketing Strategy

Modern inbound marketing depends on automation to keep the system running smoothly and without hassle. If you’re not sure how to embrace automation, here are a few strategies for bringing your marketing strategy into the 21st century. 1. Personalize the User Experience People love to see their name in print, whether it’s the byline on a recently…

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The Future of Virtual Reality [Infographic]

Did you know by 2018, the numbers of active VR users is forecasted to reach 171 million? VR is not just for games anymore. Virtual Reality is having a huge impact on many industries including higher education, architecture, healthcare and many more. The awesome folks at VRBound put together the following infographic which will take…

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46 Expert Tips for Creating Shareable Content [Infographic]

Did you know more than 50% of content brands produce goes unread? It’s not enough to create content, publish it and sit back. Now more then ever, organizations and brands have to create addictive content. Addictive content offers value, gets shared on social media, generates inbound links and increases traffic. So how do you create addictive content…

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