Stephen App
Senior Inbound Marketing Manager

Digital Swiss Army Knife with a penchant for storytelling. Defender of the Oxford comma and explorer of craft beer. Professional sports fan; amateur Dad.

Melissa Bischoff
Inbound Marketing Consultant

Inbound marketer on a mission to connect people through content. Considers any day spent outdoors a success, and dreams of visiting all 59 national parks.

Kiersten Brinkos
Account Executive

Professional multitasker and non-stop networker focused on building lasting relationships. Loves good conversation and traveling the world. Fueled by coffee, client happiness, and cupcakes she usually baked herself.

Tim Castagna

Tim is a web developer with over 10 years experience with .NET and PHP systems. When not making the best websites you’ve ever seen, Tim can be found….on the computer,
like always

Matthew Edwards
Art Director

Last line of creative defense. Fancier of grid-systems, hand-lettering, Taylor Swift, and a good glass of rye. Can occasionally be found blasting Christmas music in October.

Kate Fitzpatrick
Associate Interactive Producer

Caffeine-dependent Digital Project Manager with a full commitment to beach bumming. Can usually be found petting stranger’s dogs or eating chips and salsa.

Davis Kane
Project Manager

Master of the arcane Project Management arts. When not juggling projects and delighting clients, can be found somewhere in the ocean on a surfboard, in the sand trap at a golf course, or snapping lots of photos.

Rachael Ketterer

Deadline-driven designer. Fan of thoughtful minimalist design and fiber art. Weekend thrifter, concert goer, and bike adventurer.

Louis Miller
Managing Director, Strategy

After a stint in the music industry, Louis now spends his days crafting digital stories, eating tacos, and running around his South Philly home.

Kenneth Oum
Front-end Developer

Ken is a front-end developer and virtual reality madman. He is on an unrelenting quest to create the most immersive virtual reality experience ever by any gizmo necessary.

Julian Ptak
Web Developer

Taking “Full-Stack Developer” way beyond the average pancake chef. Equally at home when working in technologies from server configuration, database management, PHP, various DevOps technologies, Front-End to Back-End and back again. For this programmer, the adventure isn’t over until your expectations have been exceeded.

Mike Quinn
Senior Project Manager

Living and breathing project management and organized to-do lists for over 6 years.  Loves good conversation with a fellow team member, friend, person on the street, or anyone who will listen.  Have a problem in life or work?  You know who to call.

Kevin Renton
Director of Business Development

Former ice hockey player, pilot and Cobol developer, budding inbound marketer, Pythonista and faithful
Arsenal supporter!

Dan Schwartz

Dan “always in pursuit in of excellence” Schwartz splits duties between eCity and its sister company, CCF&V, overseeing finance and sitting on the leadership committees for both companies. “Off the field,” Dan is a family man/volunteer/community “theater” activist.